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Award winning architectural practice

FINC Architects is a medium-sized architectural practice based in Essex, with a team of highly experienced Architects, designers and technicians. We marry exceptional design and graphic skills, with extensive industry experience to provide quality projects that exceed our client’s expectations.

Extensive Experience

Our team combines working knowledge across multiple sectors and has extensive knowledge of design and presentation methods, allowing us to fully develop ideas and ultimately achieve successful approvals.

Technical Proficiency

We produce high quality hand-drawn site layouts and perspectives, for initial site purchases and photo realistic CGI’s for sales material, public exhibitions or committee meetings. Our technical team transforms these high-end designs into fully resolved working drawings.

With a strong background in design and technical detailing, we are able to transform elegant design ideas into deliverable projects that meet cost and timescale restrictions.

Some of our clients require us to manage the design team, whilst others manage this themselves. In either case, we ensure proper co-ordination with the consultant team.