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Our Approach

Good Architecture is about people. The client, the design team, the end-user; everyone has a role to play.

Good service; that’s about people too! It’s about us communicating with our clients and establishing relationships. We strongly believe that a good working environment is key to providing a quality service.

We consider the design process a collaborative one, where all of the design team has valid input. You will always find us open and engaging as a result.

We believe that good design can enhance the quality of people’s lives and that good presentation is key in the success of a design being fully appreciated. Our team is highly skilled at all stages of the design/production process. From hand-drawn perspectives, to photo-realistic renders, we have the expertise to convey our ideas graphically, generating public backing and ultimately, planning consents.

FINC Architects considers each project on its own merits and approaches every problem as a chance to provide thoughtful and creative solutions.