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Fishy Business!

The UK’s largest drop-off marine aquarium is coming to FINC!

As part of our recent planning approval, we proposed a large aquarium to separate our meeting room from our reception.  Due to the size, shape and complexity of the project, we drafted in Matt Hogg of Custom Reef Aquatics Ltd to build us a bespoke solution.

Matt has begun building the tank in his workshop and we at FINC are just a little bit excited…

The aquarium will be built from 25mm acrylic and is shaped like an upside down ‘L’, known in the industry as a ‘drop-off tank’.  Think ‘the drop off’ from Finding Nemo….now you get it!

The tank measures 2.2m x 1.1m x 0.6m and holds 1500litres of water: currently being considered the largest drop-off tank ever built in the UK, although we stand to be corrected!

The tank will sit on a steel frame, enclosing a 400litre sump and workings beneath.

Whilst we’re not technically proficient at maintaining a real-life ecosystem, Matt is and we’ll be working closely with him to establish this wonderful addition to our office.  We are all very excited about choosing from the dazzling array of fish, crustacean and coral on offer to populate what is currently being referred to as the FINCtank!  Yes, really.

A marine aquarium is a real ecosystem that will grow and evolve over time.  We like the metaphor that this offers for our practice and the next step of our evolution in our new home.  Hopefully you’ll see more of us both in the coming years!