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Section 73 Submission

FINC alongside ECE Planning have submitted an application for a Section 73 Minor-Material Amendment to Planning Permission (Ref: DM/20/2763), which allows for the approval of the appearance, layout, scale and landscaping relating to Outline Application (Ref: DM/15/4457) on Land To The South of Scamps Hill, Scaynes Hill Road, Lindfield, West Sussex.

The Outline application proposed 200 dwellings, 9.54 ha Country Park, a 1 Form Entry Primary School, vehicular access from Scamps Hill and pedestrian/cycle links to Heathwood Park, Scamps Hill/Scaynes Hill Road and Snowdrop Lane.

The approved Reserved Matters application built on the foundations at Outline stage, illustrating the detailed design principles within the development including road hierarchy, landscape features, surrounding connections and primary frontages of the built form.

Following design development, the applicant seeked minor material amendments to the original permission. These are broadly amendments to the housetype elevations, together with a revised energy strategy across the site.

The overall approach to the scheme remains consistent, with the approved development seeking to deliver 200 high-quality new homes.