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FINC HQ gets Planning Approval!

FINC are pleased to share that we have been grant Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent by Chelmsford County Council for renovation, restoration and construction of a single storey rear extension to our existing office in New London Road, Chelmsford.

The proposed extension has been designed to replicate the existing forms that currently exist.

The existing arrangement includes (from left to right when looking from the rear) gap, solid form, gap, solid form, where the ‘solid forms’ are small pitched-roofed buildings.

In order to achieve an adequate head-height, the proposed ‘solid’ elements are mono-pitched, to reflect the building to the right (no.59NLR).

The ‘spaces’ will be made from frameless glazing that terminates at the ground level, with a frameless glass roof, that terminates at the building.

This results in the appearance of ‘gap, solid, gap, solid’ to mimic the existing condition and is further enhanced by the existing rear wall of the main building being left ‘as-is’ so that views through to the main building are retained, enabling the existing building to be easily ‘read’.

We’re thrilled to also announce a collaboration with Pretty Plastic  in used an innovative and upcycled method in Architecture.

Pretty Plastic aims to produce facade claddings out of upcycled plastic waste that look great, are safe in use, easy to apply and last forever. From trash to tile! Pretty Plastic contributes to a circular economy where waste does not exist and raw materials are used over and over again.

The extenstion will be built in concrete blocks and clad in a 100% recycled plastic cladding tile. From our discussions with the manufacturer, this will only be the third building in the UK to use 100% recycled plastic materials and will be the first in the south of the country.The use of this innovative material aligns with FINC’s sustainability agenda and offers a building of significance to the city centre. The tiles will be a feint grey/white colour to contrast with the existing building and provide interest to the rear elevation.

Exciting times are coming at FINC and we cannot wait to show off our new office at the end of Q3 2022.